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Exercises for the older age-group

I strongly recommend the seniors exercise video package containing primitive reflex integration exercises for individuals aged 60+. There's no upper age limit. 


The videos feature primitive reflex integration exercises. These contribute to the preservation and improvement of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The purpose of the exercises is to generate stimuli to which the nervous system responds, preventing the return later in life of the primitive reflexes which can contribute to issues like dementia.  


If you can perform all these exercises, that's great, but it's not required. You can divide them into two, three, or even four parts. The most important thing is that you do some exercises every day.

Remember! Proper exercise results in the generation of new neurons, while intellectual activities such as solving crosswords, playing board games, learning music, chess, and card games help preserve neurons. So, after performing the exercises in these videos, you should also do mental activities! I also recommend reading my article on how to ensure a happy old age.

When you rent the seniors exercise package, you get unlimited personal access to view the exercise videos on the Vimeo platform for 1 year. You can read more details on the seniors exercise package page on Vimeo.

To rent a video series, you must first register on Vimeo and then pay by bank card or PayPal. In case you need help, I created a page with instructions on how to purchase the packages.

Further exercises can be found on my videos page and in my book The Stephens-Sarlós ProgramIf you have questions send them to questions.drsarlos @ and I will be glad to help. 

You carry out these exercises at your own risk. . If you have any contraindications (including but not limited to heart and circulatory problems, stroke, cancer, epilepsy, orthopedic conditions, etc.) related to the exercise, consult with your physician before starting the exercises.

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