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Exercise Videos

Retained primitive reflexes are symptoms indicating that something is not operating correctly in the higher-level regions of the nervous system.


I created a set of videos containing exercises to inhibit retained primitive reflexes and resolve symptoms associated with ADHD, bedwetting, Autism, dyslexia, speech development problems and many other conditions.


As a partner to these videos, I strongly recommend my book The Stephens-Sarlós Program which explains in detail the problems caused by the presence of retained or returned primitive reflexes.

There are video packages containing exercises to inhibit the reflexes typically found in conditions such as ADHD, sensory disordersbedwetting, ASD, etc. The full list is below.

There are also exercises to test for the most frequently occurring primitive reflexes and exercise packages to inhibit specific individual reflexes - Moro, ATNR, Galant, grasping, etc.


Finally, there are exercises packages for very young children and for the elderly.

By renting the video packages on Vimeo you get unlimited personal access to watch the exercise videos for 1 year. 

To rent a video series, you must first register on Vimeo and then pay by bank card or PayPal. In case you need help, I've created a page with instructions on how to purchase the packages.

If you have questions about the videos send them to questions.drsarlos @ and I will be glad to help.

In many cases, performing the exercises for a month or two is enough to kickstart or speed up the development process, the delay or slowness of which causes countless problems. In other cases, it takes a little longer to achieve a result. Both the subject and the helper should be motivated by the goal that problems such as delayed speech development, clumsiness, bedwetting or ADHD can be resolved by doing the exercises.

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