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The Stephens-Sarlós Program

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The world that surrounds us and the world that lives inside us constantly send signals to our brain. The task of the nervous system is to perceive these stimuli with the help of the appropriate senses, then detect them, select those that are important at the given moment, arrange the important information, and then give them an appropriate motor response.


When there is a problem in the process of processing stimuli or in the field of motor response, the balance of the system is upset. The brain often tries unsuccessfully to find a solution. Without intervention, it often does not work at all, or only very, very slowly.


Help is often much easier than you think. Doing a few simple daily exercises can bring results. This is the essence of the Stephens-Sarlós program.

What problems can the Stephens-Sarlós Program solve?

  • Difficulties in reading, writing and comprehension

  • Night-time bedwetting, stool-retention disorders

  • Attention deficit, hyperactivity, conduct disorder

  • Delayed speech development, certain speech defects

  • Clumsiness

  • Anxiety

  • Autistic symptoms


My newly published storybook for children containing movement exercises. Currently available only in the Hungarian language.

A VULPI cimű mozgásfejlesztő mesekönyv
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