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Exercises to help inhibit primitive reflexes

Here you can access multiple video packages demonstrating exercises that promote the inhibition of primitive reflexes. Each video package contains exercises for a specific reflex; i.e., Moro, ATNR, CTGR, etc.

If, based on the results of testing for the presence of primitive reflexes, the reflexes can still be elicited after the age of two and a half to three years, it's worth investing time and energy in the daily performance of simple exercises.

These tests are not only for children! If an adult is experiencing issues with attention, managing emotions, perhaps dealing with anxiety, forgetfulness, daily exposure to stress, or has problems with motor coordination, it's also worth doing the primitive reflex tests. You can do this with the test video package or using the "checklists" in my book. Very often, inhibiting primitive reflexes provides a solution to problems that make life difficult.

The videos feature primitive reflex integration exercises. The purpose of these exercises is to generate stimuli to which the nervous system responds, resulting in the inhibition ("disappearance") of the retained primitive reflexes which cause many symptoms such as ADHD, Anxiety, Hypersensitivity, Bedwetting, etc.  

Performing these exercises opens the door to a more balanced life. Embrace the opportunity!

You can also find more information about primitive reflexes in my book The Stephens-Sarlós Program.

ATNR - Exercises
Galant reflex - Exercises
TLR forward - Exercises
Moro reflex - Exercises
STNR - Trailer Play Thumbnail.PNG
Grasping and Sucking reflexes - Exercises
TLR backward - Exercises
CTGR - Exercises

When you rent a reflex integration exercise package, you get unlimited personal access to view the exercise videos on the Vimeo platform for 1 year. Click on an image above to go to the corresponding reflex integration exercise package on Vimeo.


To rent a video series, you must first register on Vimeo and then pay by bank card or PayPal. In case you need help, I created a page with instructions on how to purchase the packages.

You can also browse my other video exercise packages. If you have questions about the videos send them to questions.drsarlos @ and I will be glad to help.

You carry out these exercises at your own risk. Always consult your child’s or your doctor if the child/you have any condition that may conflict with the performance of the exercises (including but not limited to stroke, cancer, epilepsy, shunt, and orthopedic disorders).

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