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Tests for Primitive Reflexes

The primitive reflex tests package contains a set of videos that make it easy to test for the presence of retained primitive reflexes.

The professional literature describes 80-100 different primitive reflexes. These videos demonstrate the testing of the reflexes I most commonly check for in my private practice, as well as the test of post-rotational nystagmus.

If a reflex is still present, there are two possible scenarios. Either it has never been inhibited, meaning it has been present since birth, or for some reason (chronic stress, old age, trauma, illness, surgery, etc.), it has re-emerged, meaning it has been released from the previously established inhibition.

If the tests indicate that someone has a specific retained reflex, my book The Stephens-Sarlós Program and the video packages listed below contain suitable exercises to promote the inhibition of the reflex. If you are seeking a solution to a particular condition such as ADHD, bedwetting, dyslexia, clumsiness, etc., you can either choose the appropriate exercises described in my book or opt for the appropriate video package for that condition.

Don't forget! Retained primitive reflexes are symptoms indicating the need for the presence of reflexes for the "perfect functioning" of the cerebral cortex. Exercises that inhibit these reflexes help the nervous system function more efficiently and effectively.  You can read more about this in my article on testing for the presence of primitive reflexes.

Available exercise video packages to inhibit specific reflexes:


When you rent the primitive reflex tests package, you get unlimited personal access to view the exercise videos on the Vimeo platform for 1 year. You can read more details on the primitive reflex tests package page on Vimeo.

To rent a video series, you must first register on Vimeo and then pay by bank card or PayPal. In case you need help, I created a page with instructions on how to purchase the packages.

You carry out the tests in these videos at your own risk.

Don't forget to browse my other video exercise packagesIf you have questions about the videos send them to questions.drsarlos @ and I will be glad to help.

Sources for the tests:

  • Reflex Testing Methods (Fiorentino)

  • The Unlock Brilliance Way

  • Quantum Reflex Integration (Brandes)

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